East Africa Environmental Risk & Opportunity Summit (Djibouti)

Perim conceived and implemented the 2015 East Africa Environmental Risk & Opportunity Summit, held in Djibouti in partnership with Yale University Institute for Climate and Energy, and Djibouti’s Ministry of Higher Education. The event was hosted by the President of Djibouti,  attended by more than 30 regional ministers of environment, health and energy from 20 countries.  The ERO conference was cited as a “major step towards regional awareness of climate change”.   We proposed the event, sold it to institutional and private sponsors, from Yale University, U.C. Berkeley, the University of California at San Francisco, Dubai Ports, the World Bank, Fox-Rothschild LLP, Curtis Mallet LLP, CSRWire, etc., brought the event to the attention of the U.N., assembled conference program and speaker lists, and managed international media.   Read about the conference.