Perim Associates is a Middle East and Africa-focused expert firm. Since 2013 we have deployed political, cultural, linguistic and subject-matter expertise to solve business and legal problems and to launch unique events with verifiable economic and social impact. Our countries of focus include MENA (Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt), The Horn (Eritrea, Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia) and The lower Gulf (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Iran)

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We have been lead experts on billion-dollar legal cases; We have helped CEOs of fortune 500 companies craft distinctive policy initiatives that have generated new business channels; we have helped tech companies develop localization campaigns in emerging markets; we have helped senior government officials hone their visions for the future of trade, security, environment and tourism.

Our directors and associates are internationally recognized experts in their respective fields and geographies, including commercially-minded career diplomats, distinguished policy experts and journalists, linguists, lawyers, financial experts and cultural specialists.

We typically work in multi-disciplinary teams, integrating several perspectives for optimum insight. Our work has been featured on the BBC, The New York Times, Foreign Affairs, Forbes, The Financial Times and many others.

We strictly adhere to FCPA guidelines.

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Applied Technology & Post Conflict Development

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