Fixing Libya, and Europe’s Migrant Woes – From the Bottom Up

Over the last few months the oil-rich North African state of Libya has come into focus, once again — not for its seemingly endless political dysfunction, but the negative externalities it produces: a treacherous channel for millions of would-be Sub-Saharan emigrants hoping to get to Europe (a substantial percentage of which which perish in the desert, or drown on the way), and radicalized youth, who have been linked to several recent terrorist attacks in Europe and North Africa, including the Manchester bombing in May. Pointing…


When Does The Libyan Political Agreement Expire?

Ghassan Salamé, Head of the UN Support Mission for Libya (UNSMIL) is preparing an amendment to the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA), the internationally-backed roadmap for creating a unified Libyan government., My hope is that this article will help draw the U.N.s attention towards critical legal issues surrounding this process.


East Africa ERO Summit Seen as Important Step Towards ‘Paris Climate 2015’

The Republic of Djibouti, May 08 /CSRwire/ – The 2015 East Africa Environmental Risk & Opportunities (“ERO”) Summit, held May 2-4, brought together ministers, private sector leaders and development experts from 4 continents and more than 16 countries to discuss regional environmental threats, as well as specific opportunities to address climate change, waste transformation, marine ecosystems and environment-linked health challenges, all under the umbrella of ‘resilience and adaptation to environmental change.’   The event and associated environmental initiatives were seen…