LEG – The Libya Expert Group

The Libya Experts Group (LEG) are 20 distinguished, multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary experts on the politics and economics of Libya, North Africa and the Sahel.  LEG advises governments, multinationals and corporates on issues related to political risk, policy, contracts, commerce, energy and culture.  Our clients are governments, multilaterals, non-governmental organizations, law firms and corporates.   LEG principals include those who have served in senior Libyan and external government posts and Libya-facing corporate positions, with backgrounds as noted lawyers, businessmen, diplomats, journalists, and oil & gas experts.  Collectively, we have written numerous books and articles on Libya and its neighbors (Egypt, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Mali, Sudan, Tunisia); our work has appeared in publications such as the BBC, Foreign Affairs, the New York Times, Forbes, Foreign Policy, Libya Al Mostaqbal, The Times and The Financial Times.  LEG is a division of Perim Associates, LLC.

EyePACS Technology Deployment & Partnerships (Libya, Djibouti, Turkey)

Perim Associates works closely with EyePACS.com a California-based telemedicine provider addressing the problem of retinopathy (“DR”), a complication of diabetes, that results in degradation of the retina — and is asymptomatic until it is often too late to save eyesight.  We have led expansion opportunities, created local partnerships, trainings and program pilots in three countries, with several others in progress.   With EyePACS software and ocular imaging package, local polyclinics are able to screen large numbers of diabetic patients for DR, and refer urgent cases for laser surgery.   EyePACS uses sophisticated screening algorithms, developed in partnership with MIT and Google.

Expert Testimony, Case Work and Due Diligence

Perim Associates maintains relationships with more than 30 international law firms, and several international legal associations with a focus on the Middle East, Africa.  We specialize in local and regional political/economic conditions, Islamic law & finance, and customary and local law.    We have participated as expert witnesses and factual experts on more than 50 cases involving North Africa, the Gulf and the Horn of Africa.  Our expertise has been applied to commercial disputes, asset tracking, determinations of state jurisdictions/ sovereignty, subject-matter advisory for government commissions, and lawmaker briefings (U.S. Congress & Senate, European Union, U.N, etc.).  We not only provide expert support for disputes, but help identify alternative resolution and settlement mechanisms.   We have the capacity to perform in-depth, language specific due diligence on a variety of regional enterprises.

East Africa Environmental Risk & Opportunity Summit (Djibouti)

Perim conceived and implemented the 2015 East Africa Environmental Risk & Opportunity Summit, held in Djibouti in partnership with Yale University Institute for Climate and Energy, and Djibouti’s Ministry of Higher Education. The event was attended by more than 30 regional ministers of environment, health and energy, and was cited as a “major step towards regional awareness of climate change”.   We proposed the event, sold it to institutional and private sponsors, put together the private sector invitee list,  and solicited and managed overall content, including web and print.  Read about the conference, the agenda, sponsors and institutional and corporate participants here:  www.eastafricaecosummit.com

Gulf Foundation Business Case (Saudi Arabia)

Perim worked with a local organization to craft a white paper for a Gulf foundation, focused on facilitating intra and inter-regional (Africa/Middle East) trade.  The work involved  research and stakeholder interviews effort to determine where the most pressing regional needs lay, and what were the key administrative and legal obstacles to local trade flows .  On that bases we created a strategy that would focus resources to quickly demonstrate value and incentivize multinational participation.  As part of this effort we recruited specialist partners to help advise on, and implement those recommended priority initiatives, as well as  engaged in outreach to prospective visible brand sponsors, and a distinguished, international  board of directors.

$20m Medical Infrastructure Project (Benghazi, Libya)

In 2011-12, Perim Associates (then “Avicenna”) devised a plan to augment emergency medicine capacity in post-Revolution Benghazi.  We initially made contact with Benghazi Medical Center, the largest tertiary care medical center in Libya’s East, and pitched the program to several major U.S. medical centers.  Ultimately we brought a team from Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham & Women’s Hospital (MGH) to Benghazi, and over the course of several months, under difficult conditions, facilitated a 20 m USD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between these institutions to provide long-term emergency medicine training, facilities upgrade and management support.  Former U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens saw the program as a critical piece of U.S. support for post-war Libya and was supported in its early stages by a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.  The MOU was signed a day before the attack on the US Mission in Benghazi.  We subsequently have worked with the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) to provide emergency care training and telemedicine support to Libya.  We maintain a deep network of contacts in Libya, and Benghazi in particular.