Take a look below at the various projects we have been involved with.

Expert Testimony

Perim associates have served as regional policy advisors and testifying experts on numerous regional cases involving commercial contracts, customary law, Islamic finance and banking, energy, transport and environmental disputes. Perim experts have testified in most of the global arbitration venues, and provided opinions to major International bodies and senior government officials in the U.S., Europe and Africa.

Expert Searches

Beyond our own team, Perim maintains a database of more than 500 leading regional and subject matter experts (most of which have testifying experience and “singular” subject matter expertise), and a much larger search network. We often work with Human Resources departments to identify experts and professionals with ‘non-standard professional backgrounds’ (typically, a mix of sub-regional, linguistic and domain experience). Contact us to initiate a specific search or activate a retainer for rapid on-call assistance.

Expert Led Events

Perim designs and implements innovative events and conferences, including the 2015 East Africa Environmental Risk & Opportunity Summit, held in Djibouti in partnership with Yale University Institute for Climate and Energy, and UCSF. The event was attended by more than 30 regional ministers of environment, health and energy, and was cited as a “major step towards regional awareness of climate change”. The ECO Summit was a major event – we have also put together seminars and policy consultations for a variety of entities, in the area of arbitration, conservation, trade & investment promotion and medical training.

Policy Planning

Perim has assisted several regional government agencies design and implement high-impact initiatives related to healthcare, climate change, trade development, conservation, education, counter-piracy, renewable energy and process innovation.

Strategic Communication

Perim works with senior executives and government agencies to create intellectual content, including white papers, mission statements, Op-Eds and position papers in multiple regional languages. We have partnered with Zillwood Design Works in the UK to produce graphic design elements (covers, info-graphics, etc.) such as those included on this website. We are the publishers of AR3 magazine, focused on legal, regulatory and development issues in Africa and the Middle East.

Post Conflict Development

Perim and its partners implement projects in healthcare and green-tech, in fragile and post-conflict environments. In 2011, as the nonprofit “Avicenna”, we worked to build emergency medicine capacity in Benghazi, Libya, in partnership with Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. That effort was interrupted by the 9/11 Benghazi attack. Subsequently, we partnered with the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and U.C. Berkeley Optometry and EyePACS.com, to train Libyan clinicians to screen for Diabetic Retinopathy, which has no symptoms and causes blindness when not treated early. In 2015 we implemented a screening program + epidemiological study in Djibouti. We continue to focus on enabling emergency training and DR diagnosis. Our other area of interest is implementing innovations in the provision of clean water and housing.