Mr. Francis Ghilès Director

    Political and Economic Affairs
    Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco

Mr. Francis Ghilès is a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) journalist and political analyst who through eighteen years with The Financial Times reporting on international capital markets and North Africa has built up extensive experience and high level contacts throughout the Western Mediterranean, the UK, the USA and Japan. He has been Research Assistant to Pierre Mendès France (MP and the Mayor of Grenoble), Co-founder of the annual Mediterranean Gas Conference, and founder of the North Africa Business Development Forum, and Senior Fellow at IEMed in Barcelona.

Mr. Ghiles is now based at the Barcelona Center for International Affairs (CIDOB), where he analyses emerging security, political, economic and energy trends in the region and connects them to European, US and North African policy priorities. Mr. Ghiles has been a freelance writer for the IHT, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Les Echos, Libération, El Pais, La Vanguardia, The Financial Times, Institutional Investor, Euromoney, Nature, The Times Literary Supplement, Pouvoirs, Le Monde Diplomatique, Politique Etrangère, and has been interviewed widely on international media. He has lectured at most of the major U.S. and European universities. Mr. Ghilès earned advanced degrees from St Antony’s College Oxford and the University of Keele. He graduated from SciencePo Grenoble with distinction.