Dr. Amal Obeidi Director; Political Scientist/ Economist

    Libya, North Africa
    Politics, political risk, economics, political economy

Amal S M Obeidi is Associate Professor of Comparative Politics in the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Economics at University of Benghazi, Libya.  Currently she is associate researcher in the DFG-funded research project entitled “Political in the Making” at Germany’s  University of Bayreuth.    Dr. Obeidi was two years as a Dean of the Faculty of Economics of University of (Benghazi), where she was also the head of the Political Science Department.  Dr Obeidi also was head of the Studies and Research unit at the Research Centre of the University of Benghazi from 2006-2008.  Dr. Obeidi’s publications include Political Culture in Libya (2001), The Political Elites in Libya (2008), The National Security in Libya: Challenges of the Transitional Period (2012). The Impact of the Revolution and the Transitional Period on Women’s Empowering Policies in Libya (2013), “From Forced Reconciliation to Recognition: The Abu Salim Case in Historical Perspective” (in: Jan Michiel Otto et. al. (eds), Searching for Justice in Post-Gaddafi Libya: a So­cio-Legal Exploration of People’s Concerns and Institutional Re­sponses at Home and from Abroad, Leiden 2013). and “Identity in Libya: Orientations of Loyalty and Identification“, Benghazi University Research Center (2015); Political Socialization in Post Qhadafi Libya: Analysis Study of the Values of the Co-Existence  in the Primary School Curriculum in Social Cohesion in Libya and Elsewhere (Tunisia, 2017). Local Reconciliation in Libya: An Exploratory Study on Traditional Reconciliation Processes and Mechanisms since (2011, UNDP).  She holds a Ph.D. from Durham University, UK, in Middle Eastern Politics (1997).