Expert Testimony

Perim Associates produce background reports, affidavits and in-court testimony to support commercial and cross-border disputes.  Relevant topics include:  regional customary law, Islamic finance, FCPA issues, sanctions.  We also provide support for regional asylum cases.

Policy Innovation & Conferences

We work with governments to develop and highlight their regional comparative advantages, and improve messaging around complex topics like post-conflict reconstruction, reconciliation, climate change, and legal and economic reform.  Perim proposed and organized the successful first 2015 East Africa Environmental Risk & Opportunity “ERO” Summit.


Perim Associates design, write and launch purpose-driven publications  and messaging campaigns on behalf of governments and companies.  Our flagship publication is AR3 Magazine, “The Planners’ Guide to Risk, Resilience and Reconstruction in Africa.”

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

We are an incubator for healthcare solutions with direct impact and applicability to developing and post-conflict environments. One of these programs is the MEADRS, Middle East-Africa Diabetic Retinopathy System, a telemedicine partnership with EyePACS and U.C. Berkeley Department of Optometry that screens for sight-threatening degeneration of the retina.  Perim has trained clinicians in Turkey, Libya and Djibouti to use this system.

Perim is a partner with the Institute Global Acute Care (IGEC), a partnership between UCSF Emergency Medicine and the African Federation for Emergency Medicine.

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