Perim Associates was founded in 2013 to meet the unique problem-solving and content needs of organizations wishing to develop lasting relationships that span the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and Asia.   Our services are based on extraordinary level of regional experience,  language and cultural fluency, and unusually wide and deep professional networks.  Our directors and associates are internationally-recognized, senior experts in their respective fields and geographies, including commercially minded career diplomats, distinguished policy experts and journalists, lawyers, financial experts, and cultural specialists.   For complex projects, we typically work in multi-disciplinary teams, integrating several perspectives with native experience, for optimum insight. Our work has been featured in many of the most prestigious news outlets, including the BBC, New York Times, Foreign Affairs, Financial Times and many others. 

Perim currently has four practice areas:

1.) TECHNOLOGY & DEVELOPMENT:  We facilitate cross-border partnerships, and the testing and wide-scale deployment of technology related to health, water, conservation and environment.

2.) EXPERT TESTIMONY  (expert testimony, legal support, due diligence & forensic analysis).  We provide specialist briefings and testimony on on matters related to regional and local political and economic affairs, Islamic law and finance, corruption and transparency, criminal cases and counter-terrorism.

3.) STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS:  We help design high-impact policies, content, and recruit world-class experts for significant international events.   We have designed and created the content and speaker lists for four major international, ministerial-level conferences, on climate change, post-conflict development and CSR, counter-terrorism, regional arbitration and healthcare.

4.) THE LIBYA EXPERT GROUP (LEG):  We operate the most concentrated and multi-disciplinary group of experts on Libya & its neighbors, providing political and development advisory, risk analysis and market assessments.


EXAMPLES:  (for deeper descriptions of some of our work, see “Portfolio”):

** Our expertise has been deployed in numerous high-impact legal cases, and in the construction of regional, multi-state policies on matters from counter-piracy to healthcare, trade facilitation and conservation.

**We have successfully designed and hosted major international conferences, drafted policy recommendations and position papers for regional governments.

** We are adept at creating cross-border partnerships between U.S. based companies and educational institutions and counterparts in the Middle East and Africa.   Examples include recruiting Harvard University into a 20 m USD partnership with Benghazi Medical Center in Libya, and conceptualizing and implementing a Ministerial conference on Climate Change in the Red Sea state of Djibouti, in partnership with Yale University and the University of California, San Francisco.


We work with a small number of partners, including Zillwood Design Works, and Darf Publishers to provide striking web-design and publishing services, in many regional languages. 

For inquiries or to schedule a complimentary consult, please contact me on, or through the contact form on this site.   We look forward to hearing from you.

Ethan Chorin, Ph.D., Founder and Directing Partner