Mr. Mark Hope Director

    Oil and Gas Operations, Management & Risk
    Libya, West Africa, Kenya

Mr. Mark Hope has spent 28 years in a number of senior positions at resource-focused multinationals with operations in Africa and the Middle East, in Libya, Nigeria, Gabon, Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, Iran, and Sao Tome e Principe. Born and raised in East Africa, Mr.Hope successfully built five companies, which have together employed more than 1,000 new staff.

From 2005-2010 Mr. Hope was Vice President and Country Managing Director for Royal Dutch Shell in Libya. This followed an appointment as acting CEO for Olakola LNG, for which he set up a $4 billion LNG project in Lagos, Nigeria. Mr. Hope has been Deputy Chairman and Managing Director at Fayum Gas Co. in Egypt; Business Development Manager – Middle East & North Africa for Shell International Gas, and Drilling Commercial manager for Shell International. Mr. Hope has deep experience in auxiliary sectors such as water management and integrated transport. He began his career with Shell in oilfield operations.

Mr. Hope holds degrees in law, business and mechanical engineering from the University of London and the University of Birmingham, respectively, and hold several professional certificates and professional honors.